Food-Processor Pizza

Love and Food-Processor Pizza

Back when I was planning my wedding, one of the first things I did was set up my gift registry. Being a new bride and out on my own for the first time, I needed absolutely everything. One of the main things I had on my list was a food processor. I found two models I especially liked that were available from At my bridal shower I actually received… Read Article →


All You Need to Know About Dehumidifiers

High humidity may cause damp; it can also cause sickness with the related fungal problems.  If that was not enough it may also attract silverfish, roaches and centipedes. Air can only take so much water vapor before it becomes saturated or 100% humidified.  Without going into too much mathematics, in an average home with a temperature of 68 degrees F. should ideally be between 30 and 50%. Condensation is one… Read Article →


The Airplane From Hell: Where is My Dinner!?

I’ve been on some pretty bad airplanes in my time, and you can owe it all to the cruddy service that the airline themselves strive to provide. I know there are plenty of airlines that are looked as being “cheap alternatives”, so you can’t really expect much, but I’ve been on flights that are quite Hollywood-worthy. I can remember this one flight where I had to sit beside a flatulent… Read Article →

Discipline a Cat

5 Effective Ways To Discipline a Cat

Before looking at effective ways of disciplining a cat, it’s important to understand good and bad cat behavior as well as the good and bad ways of disciplining a cat. If you’re a cat owner like me, you have probably had to deal with annoying cat behavior which ranges from climbing kitchen counter tops and scratching furniture/carpets to biting and using parts or the entire house as a toilet. Cats… Read Article →


Safe as Houses: Analysing the Top 5 Safes

In the world we live, the concept of security and its presence in our lives or lack thereof is a constant menace. Personally, I always fret about where my kids are, what they are doing and whether they are safe. When at work, I split hairs about my place. Is it secure? Is my pet okay? What about the rest of my family? Are they doing okay? For me, it… Read Article →

Best Breadmaker

How To Choose The Best Affordable Bread Makers

Before purchasing a bread maker, you should think about the features you want it to have, so that you can select the right one for you. All machines can help you make delicious, healthy homemade bread, but some of them offer an express bake feature, while others are ideal for small or large loaves, so it all depends on your requirements and your budget. The advantages of baking your own… Read Article →